Monday, December 29, 2014

Of Mice and Missionaries

Hola familia y amigos!                                                                                              12/29/2014

This week was fun!

I got lots of letters, packages, and presents! Woohoo, Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did because I got to Skype my family! Even though I got to talk to them a couple weeks ago, it was still nice. My family's so cute. :)

At the beginning of the week, Sister Peterson and I made a new friend at 2am. I woke up to something digging in our carpet. It sounded like it was coming from underneath Sister Peterson's bed. A mouse! We tried looking for it, but didn't see it anywhere. We thought maybe he was inside the wall or something. We couldn't get to him, but he still kept us up, as he kept digging into our carpet. After a few bangs on the wall, and a few silent prayers, he finally stopped and let us sleep.

I remember my parents reading me "Goodnight Moon" as a little kid, and I would point out the mouse on each page. Mice belong in books, not apartments.

For our morning exercises, I like to try to do a little bit of yoga. The other day, Sister Peterson asked me if I could show her a few moves. I was showing her how to do "the crane" and after a few seconds, I lost my balance, and BAM. Fell right on my face. I got a fat lip after a few minutes.
"How does it look?" I asked.
"It looks kind of pretty! You kind of remind me of Angelina Jolie." Hahaha!

We had Mission Conference this week. A Seventy, Elder Higham, was there, and talked all about how the Savior taught. It was all about how He is the perfect teacher, and we should teach just like Him. I think that's an excellent idea.
Mission Conference - Where's Sister Sommers?
This past Sunday, we had two investigators, Maria and Sandy, come to church for the first time! I think it helped that I told them I was giving a talk that Sunday, and that it would mean the world to me to see them there. My talk was all about being a light in this dark world. Maria and Sandy both loved it, and Maria even started crying! The best part is she knew it was the spirit telling her that everything she heard in sacrament meeting was true. The ward seemed to really enjoy it as well, and I think they're really starting to like me, which is a huge blessing.

I lost my scriptures this week. A missionary losing her scriptures?! What is this?! Luckily, I found them after a couple of days at our investigator, Desiree's house.

Our cupboard is filled with nothing but junk food because people don't think we get enough for the holidays or something. It's weird though because I'm pretty sure I've lost weight. It's okay though. I think I gained about 50 pounds at the MTC. Or maybe it was more like two.

This week marks my one month out! Holy macaroni!

It's New Year's this week! But that's not even possible because 2014 just happened! Hope you all have a fun New Year's...but not too much fun. We already have to call one of our investigator's up on New Year's eve, and remind her not to get drunk. Y'all have fun and stay safe!

Talk to you next year!
Sister Sommers


  1. You're a wonderful missionary! How could your ward not love you! Happy New Year!

  2. 3rd row, 11th from the left? Mission conferences are awesome. :)
    It's great to see that you have some good investigators. Hopefully Desiree read your scriptures while they were hiding at her house. Have a Happy New Year, sister Jolie! And call your landlord about that mouse.


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