Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1 Month Old!

Hey Family & Friends!                                                                                   1/05/2015

Holy heck, this week has just flown right by! Kind of weird knowing that they're just going to be even faster!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Hooray for 2015! It's gonna be an awesome year. I can feel it!

Sister P--- and I made a New Year's resolution that we're gonna cut back on the sweets, so we've been telling the members who are feeding us to not worry about dessert...but they do it anyways, dangit! I guess it's okay since we've been running every morning. Well...she runs, I just run until I feel like I'm gonna die from a heart attack, and just walk the rest of the way.

1 month out
We celebrated my 1 month mark on Saturday! Woohoo! Sister P--- surprised me that morning by making me breakfast! :) Aww, she's so cute! #bestcompanion - I also celebrated with a Dr. Pepper Icee. Yum!

Sister P--- was called to be a sister trainer leader, so while she was in a meeting this week, I went on exchanges with two other sisters in Banning. Kiiiiiind of a sketchy place. It's the ghetto, so we had to be extra cautious. We stopped by an investigator's apartment, and outside of the apartment were a bunch of guys our age just hanging out. As we passed them, one of them looked me up and down and was like, "DAAAANG! You is CUTE!"
"Thanks. Come any closer and I'll go all Ammon-from-the-Book-of-Mormon on you." (He chops off arms.)
Okay, I didn't really say that. I just ignored him and tried to get inside as fast as I could.

Sister P---'s mom sent her some coffee candy. It's candy that really tastes like coffee, but there's no coffee in it! #mindblown - I feel so rebellious eating it.

I was also informed that Sister P--- personally knows Julianne Hough! Like, she actually hangs out with her! Their dad's work together, so they go out to eat, and go to the movies together! Is that not the coolest thing ever?! Sooo jealous! 

Being on a mission really is an adventure! So far, we've been attacked by several sprinklers. We'll walk right past, and I guess they think we're thirsty because we live in the dessert, so they give us all their water. Thanks, but no thanks. Also, a lot of our investigators/ less active members live in gated communities, so sometimes we'll have to wait for a car to go in before us because we don't know the password. One time, we decided to walk to a gated community, and a car had just gone through. So we RAN and tried to get past the gate as it was slowly shutting. I felt like I was on "The Maze Runner." 

Snow in Cali w/ Becky R
I heard there is no snow in Ohio. Well guess what. It snowed in California this week. WHUUUT?! It was just a little, but still...! Dad, you can come to Cali and use your new sled. There are several mountains covered with it!

Ants have pretty much taken over my bathroom. It's disgusting. I find myself squishing at least 20 of them everyday. Good thing it's P-Day, I'm gonna buy some ant traps.

Every Wednesday we do service at the library for a couple hours. I think mom could appreciate that. So far, we've just been moving books around and organizing closets. That's always fun!

One thing that I've learned this week is to teach simply. When you know a lot about something, it's pretty hard to teach in simple ways. Although, that is how Christ taught the people when He was here on the earth, so we should teach just like Him. I'm getting better at that.

Well, that's me! Hope you all have an adventurous week! Miss and love you all!

Sister Emily KaeLynn Sommers 

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  1. I love that you sneak through the gates. I think that they are there to keep salespeople and missionaries out! And I'm going to have to remember the phrase "I'll go all Ammon-from-the-Book-of-Mormon on you." I love it. I'm sure I can find an opportunity to use it if I try.

    You continue to be in our prayers. Keep up the great work!


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