Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's a Jungle Out There!!!

Hello again, family and friends!                                                                                   1/19/2015
Sushi, it's better than Salmon

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so that is why I am writing today.

Mark your calendars for the 22nd because it's my fabulous momma's birthday! And of course you already know mine is this Sunday. It's a great excuse for our investigators to come to church. :) I will be celebrating at Stake Conference! Whoohoo!

So, I already knew our area was awesome, but then I found out that so many celebrities live here! I was talking about it with a girl from our ward, and she said she once saw George Lopez in the grocery store like it was no biggie. I guess Tiger Woods also golfs over here. AND we were talking to a guy a couple weeks ago who was walking his dogs, and he said there was a red carpet event happening with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Palm Springs! Palm springs is just twenty minutes away...away from our area. Dang Nabbit!

I went on exchanges with Sister J---! She's a great missionary, and we had a lot of fun! So that was pretty cool, considering that I just found out that our moms chat on Facebook.

Sister Sommers and Sister Jepperson
So far, we have seven investigators, but only two of them are pretty solid. Our two solids are S--- and D---. S--- is an older lady who has been keeping all of her commitments, and is always reading The Book of Mormon! I tried committing her to baptism last week, but she says she wants to learn more before she makes a decision. We just picked up D--- last week. She's nineteen, and we're getting her involved in family history work.

I'm getting better at this whole running thing. I run a little bit further everyday! I never thought I'd see the day when I would get up at 6:30 a.m. to go for a run.

We were in our apartment, doing weekly planning, when two guys our age showed up at our door. They were just trying to collect items they could send to people in the military. One of them shook my hand and practically bowed like I was the queen of England, and the other told me I was the most beautiful creature in the whole apartment complex. Hahaha! Oh my word. 

We went trashing the other day, and Sister P--- went to go pick up a wrapper underneath a plant and the plant stabbed her with one of its one inch needles. Some of the needle got stuck in her arm, and her arm started swelling up. Good times. She's all better now.

Nails by Natalie
We went over to the Stake President's house for dinner, and I got to hold their son's bearded dragon, Timmy. He reminded me so much of our bearded dragon! Unfortunately, Timmy was not yet potty trained...Oops! 

Joke of the day: what do you call an alligator in a vest?

Answer: an investigator! :)

Well, that's all, folks! Hope you all have a fantabulous week! And write me! I'll be here for a year and a half.

Sister Sommers 

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