Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Living in Paradise

Happy 20
Hey family and friends!                                                  1/26/2015

This week was the best one yet!

First of all, it was my Momma's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mommy! Secondly, I had the greatest birthday weekend! I turned two decades old on Sunday. The big two-zero. Next week, I'll be two months old on my mission! Oh my golly! So let me tell you a little bit why it was so dang awesome! 

Thursday night, our zone leaders, Elder R--- and Elder B---, called and asked if we wanted to volunteer at the Humana Challenge golf tournament. Of course we said HECK YES! There's the golf tournament, really good and really expensive food, and a winery. People pay BIG money to get in there because it's basically Disney World for adults. Our passes were just handed to us! The perks to serving in a wealthy area! The booth we volunteered at was Martha's Village and Kitchen, one of the largest homeless shelters in California. We would ask people questions about it, and if they got it right, (we gave them big hints) they got to spin the wheel and win a coupon. The whole time we were there, it did not feel like we were on missions. We felt so out of place with all these rich people, but we still had a blast! We got to be there two days in a row! Our booth was right next to a boxing booth, which Lee Espinoza was running! Lee is a celebrity boxing coach, who trains other celebrity boxers! He talked to us pretty much the whole time we were there, and he is the nicest guy in the world! Bill Clinton was also there, but Lee is so much cooler.
Martha's Village and Kitchen at Humana Challenge Golf Tournament

We got to meet and talk to a lot of people at the event, so lots of people knew who we were. Sometimes, we would take breaks and get something to eat, and all we would hear was, "Hey Sisters!" or "It's the sister missionaries! Here's some free food!" We got more attention than Bill Clinton! Don't worry, we're going to baptize him next. 


As we were volunteering, a man came up to me and asked if there was a card he could have. "Sure! Here you go!"
"Great, thanks! Can I find your number on it?" he asked, pointing at me.
Sorry sir, it's not as cute when you're twice my age.
The best part was when he turned around to look at S---.
"Oh, sorry. You're too young for me."
She's only about two months younger than I am.

Sunday, we had Stake Conference! It was one of the best Stake Conference's I've ever attended. Before the General Session, we had a meeting for our investigators, recent converts, and returning members. It was awesome because we got to meet and hear from one of our general authorities, Elder Auna, who came to visit us from Hawaii. He's a member of the church, he's a general authority, and he's from a Hawaii, so I'm sure you could imagine how much of a happy and spiritual man he is. The spirit was so strong throughout both meetings, and I just cried my eyes out the whole time. What made it even greater was we got two returning members to come, G--- and B---; and one recent convert, J--- (B---'s wife).
Happy Birthday, Sister Sommers!!!

Later that day, we celebrated my birthday at the Walker's house! I love them! They're like my La Quinta mission parents. They surprised me with a birthday sign, a gift card, and an ice cream cake! I also got a gift card and a stuffed bear from an investigator, D---, and then G--- got me a new purse and a scarf! Not to mention, my awesome companion also made me a sign and made me waffles for breakfast! Oh my word! So much stuff! People are way too generous! 

As I've been on my mission, serving others is just so natural. I'm still working on it, but I've also learned to act outward. When we act inward, it becomes all about us. It's not that at all, it is all about the Savior. So forget yourself, and go help someone out!

Hope you're all doing well! I still love letters, so tell me how your lives are going!
Miss and love you all!

Sister Sommers

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  1. Glad that you had a nice birthday. It sounds like you've been working hard and having fun. I've heard that Bill Clinton took missionary lessons years ago. Maybe you can do some follow up teaching there. :)


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