Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ohhh Transfer Week...

Hello world!
Scripture Power

First of all, IT'S MY DADDY'S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday, Pops! You're so OLD! :)

Everybody better stop what they're doing on Wednesday because then it's my brother, Daniel's birthday! HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, DANIEL! You can finally go to dances and show off your fancy moves.

This week, was of course transfers. I really miss Sister P---, but my new companion, Sister T--- W---, is super sweet, very hard-working, and just about laughs at everything. :) She's different than Sister P---, but I love them both! Watch out for this month's Ensign because not only is it super good, but it has Sister W---'s cousin on the front cover! How cool is that!

New Companion
We also have roommates! I didn't have roommates my first couple of transfers, so I was lucky enough to have my own bathroom. I wasn't very excited at first, but now, I love it! We room with Hermana M--- and Hermana Y---. They are so much fun, I just love them to death!

Since I've been here longer, I'm in charge of the area. I'm not gonna lie, it is stressful! But I also know it's only going to make me a more successful missionary.

A few weeks ago, we ordered P--- the Book or Mormon on CD's because she's 70 years old and legally blind. It took a while for them to get here, but they finally arrived this week. We knocked on her door the next day, and she opened it, asking, "Was I expecting you today?"
"No, but you've been expecting these!" I said holding out her CD's.

I wish you all could have seen her face! It was priceless. :) She was like a little girl on her first trip to Disney Land! We helped her put in the first CD, and right after the introduction started playing, she put both hands over her mouth, and her eyes just lit up behind tears. She's never read the Book of Mormon, but she just knew there was something special contained in that book. Cute P---. :)

We finally have an official date on P---'s baptism, April 18! Her family is going to travel from Nevada to come see her, and her nephew Leo is going to baptize and confirm her.

Before Sister P--- left, we all (Me, Sister P, J--- P---, K--- W---, and J--- & S--- H---) went to the best burger place ever, The Habit! Afterwards, Sister H--- took one last picture of me and Sister P---, and I guess she posted it on Instagram. Before long, there was a comment under the picture that said something along the lines of "Sister Sommers! That's our missionary!" It was my institute teachers, the Brown's! The H---'s know the Browns! That's always exciting to find out! :)
Hope everyone's week was fantastic! Stay fresh.

Sister Sommers


  1. I love the dog sculpture! And how exciting about the baptism. Proof that it's never too late to receive the gospel. Wonderful that she has the support of family.

  2. Your the best, young lady!!!


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