Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So Cal Likes to Party!

Hey kids! Sister Sommers here!

The last few days on the road have been CRAZY!!! Coachella Music and Art Fest happened over the weekend, and it's happening next weekend too. So many artists and bands go, so anybody who's anybody is there. I guess we're a buncha nobody's cuz we're missionaries, and we don't party like dat. Each weekend, they have over 150 thousand people there. Some of the few celebs that performed were ACDC, Katy Perry, Drake, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and a ton of others. I guess Justin Bieber was just hanging out in the crowd as well. The worst part is Coachella Fest is right around the corner from where we live! It is so loud, we can hear all the music playing. CRAZY. Since it's next weekend too, all the celebs rent homes over here. People keep telling me to watch out for them. I can just totally see myself talking with someone random at the grocery store, and not even realize their famous.

Good news! I got my voice back! I no longer sound like a zombie from Warm Bodies. I can speak, but my singing still doesn't sound so hot.

The elders who are serving in our ward, Elder T--- and Elder V---, had a baptism over the weekend! Her name is M--- and she's 18 years old. She is the cutest thing, and was SO prepared! She was taught and baptized within three weeks. That same day, Sister W--- went to a baptism in her last area, so cute Sister H--- was my companion for the day. It was weird not being with another missionary, but we had fun!

Speaking of baptisms, P--- gets baptized this coming weekend! HOLLA! 

Last week, Sister W--- was trying to back out of our teeny tiny garage, and accidentally hit it. It left a few scrapes, so we called in about it. She was afraid she would be hit by lightning, but they were totally cool about it. While our car was getting all fixed up, they surprised us with an SUV! It was super nice, but we only got to drive it for a day.

Over the course of Sister W---'s mission, she's had some pretty tough companions, and just didn't feel the love she deserves. And that is SO dumb because Sister W--- is awesome! She's funny, very hard-working, and just an overall good missionary. This week, she surprised me and almost made me cry when she told me I was the biggest blessing on her mission. I didn't do anything super amazing to have her like me as a companion; I was just being myself. I feel like missionaries are so caught up in trying to be the "perfect missionary," they often forget how to love, and how to just be themselves! As long as we are working hard, being obedient, and remembering to love EVERYONE, we can still have fun! Simple as that.

Okey dokey, that's about all I have to report for this week!

Remember to love and have fun this week...but not too much fun!

Sister EmiKae Sommers :)     

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