Monday, May 4, 2015

Great First Impressions...

Hola everyone!

I'm finally here in San Bernardino with my new companion! Her name is Sister P---, and she is just the cutest thing! Our personalities are quite similar, so I'm pretty happy about that. I'm just the crazier one. :) She was roommates with Mary Jo T--- at BYU, and she also knows that one kid, Trevar D---! The Mormon world is so small. Sister P--- is from Houston, Texas, so whenever people ask both of us where we're from, they always respond, "Neither of you are from Utah?!?!"

Our area is huge! We cover about seven cities, so whitewashing has been quite interesting. The last Elders serving here didn't even bother making any whitewash notes, so that's a little frustrating. I guess they're both pretty lucky because one went home, and the other went to Brazil; they won't have to experience the wrath of Sister Sommers. It's fun serving here, though! San B has the very first original McDonalds, we live right next to Mt Arrowhead (the one on the water bottles), and Twin Peaks is in our area! Anyone ever see that show? Don't worry, I found out it's a different Twin Peaks. Also, Mormons founded San B, so GO US!

Our second day in the apartment, we could NOT figure out how to turn on the air conditioning. We spent that whole day unpacking, and tried our best to weekly plan. The heat was so nasty, I started feeling sick. I tried stepping out onto our balcony, but this is So Cal, you can't really escape the heat. Still not feeling too hot (not literally), we went to Bishop R---'s house for dinner. I thought maybe I was just hungry, so I slowly sat there and ate Sister R---'s spaghetti and asparagus. After declining chocolate cake, I soon found out that hunger was not the issue. I was probably making the ugliest faces, and all I could think was, "Oh no, Bishop hates me." Bishop loves to talk, so it felt like I was sitting there forever, hoping and praying I wouldn't throw up all over the dinner table. The good news is, I did not throw up on the dinner table. The bad news is...I did on the way out. Right in their front yard. We were real quick to fix that air conditioner.

The Northpark Ward is pretty small, but we're 'bout to change that real soon! It's weird serving with a bunch of kids; I'm so used to being with families. All of them are so dang nice, and some of them are just hilarious! Everyone said it was going to be a blast serving here, and I think they're right! They have activities planned for the ward every single day! How do they do it? I have no clue, but it sounds pretty awesome to me! Don't worry, if it all just sounds like fun and games, it really isn't. One of the best parts is we get to give tours at the temple every Wednesday! We will also be setting up some booths on campus, so those will be perfect missionary opportunities. 

The month of May has come. You know what that means? No sweets or junk for me! It's gonna be a long transfer because there is ALWAYS food at the YSA ward. I'm praying for strength to resist temptation. Sister P--- is doing it with me too, so that helps!

You know what the month of May also means? I GET TO SKYPE MY FAMILY NEXT WEEK!!! WOOHOO!!! :) Haven't seen y'all in forever and a day!

Hope all is well with all of you in the world! Have a great week!

Oh yeah...and May the 4th be with you

Sister Sommers  

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  1. Ha ha! It's a good thing that bishops are the forgiving type. Hopefully their wives are as well. 8P
    It will be interesting to serve in a YSA ward. Don't have too much fun. ;) We think of you often and you are in our prayers.


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