Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's Raining Monster Snails!!!

Welcome to my next blog post!

Let's see what happened this week...

Oh yeah! It was Elder Trevar Wayne Dahl's birthday this week! Happy Birthday, you krazy kid! Sorry you can't be a teen no mo.

So, at the beginning of the week, we decided it was about time to dedicate our area. We walked into the church building, and opened the doors to the sacrament room. When I flipped the light switch, I was so startled to see a kid about our age sleeping on the nearest bench. He woke up and gathered his things real quick.
"Oh...I'm sorry...I was just...trying to get some rest before my next class."
Before we could say anything, he walked right out. Sister P--- and I stood there and looked at each other. We laughed for a good few minutes. :) Poor kid. He just wanted his sleep.

It was Sister P---'s 1-year mark on Thursday, so we celebrated with huge, delicious gourmet hot dogs and smoothies! I hear after you've been out a year, the time is all downhill from there. Hold on!

Saturday, we spent a few hours cleaning a park with a bunch of " cool, Robert Frost!" (It's ok if you don't get it. Just watch Kid President.)

I am seriously not getting this weather! It's been cold and rainy again, but now it comes with these HUGE snails! I think I've only ever seen the dime-sized ones, but these are like the size of my fist! GROSS! So now I'm always watching where I walk so I don't step on one.

Guess what! i-Pads are coming! Woohoo! We have a training coming up next week. No more carrying a million books and binders everywhere we go! AND we get to show people videos the church has created right on spot! Is technology awesome or what! The only thing is I haven't used any of those magic boxes in forever, so it might be a while until I finally get my technological smarts back. Heavenly Father is really hastening His Work. As long as we properly use these devices in the way we're supposed to, I know the work will become faster and more successful.

Last week, President Van Cott told all of us that he and his wife would be going to SLC for a few days for a training on i-Pads. When other mission presidents found out he had told all of his missionaries that he would be gone for a few days, they couldn't believe it. A lot of them said if they had told their missionaries they would be leaving the mission, it would just be chaos. That just shows how much our mission president trusts us. Gaining the trust of President Van Cott is HUGE! He strictly keeps us in line, but loves us unconditionally. It's because of him, we're one of the most obedient missions. Not to boast or brag, or anything, but we're pretty dang awesome.

Keep it real, everyone.

Sister Sommers

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