Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Miracles Happen Once in a While..

Hey E'erbody,

I turned six-months-old on Wednesday! Holy moly, I am old. I can't believe I've already completed 1/3 of my mission! YIKES! Honestly, sometimes I feel like I've been out here forever, but other days, it goes by way too fast.

This week is transfers! Usually everyone hears from the ZL's where they're going, but Sister P--- and I found out on Saturday from President. We will be staying in the Northpark YSA Ward! Whoop Whoop! Good thing too because whitewashing is too much work just to be staying for one transfer.

I got your package, mom! Thank you! You're the best! :)

Congrats to my baby sister, Sarah, who graduated High School last week! You're all done with school! Haha, just kidding. You still have college. 
6 months out
Tuesday, we had our interviews with President Van Cott. I love having those interviews, I just wish we could have more of them. He has been able to answer any questions I have, and he clearly answers them through the spirit. I just love that man! I love his wife too. She decided she would join our district in our district meeting this week. She and President speak with so much power and passion. It's impossible not to feel the spirit around them.

We set up our booth at Cal State on Wednesday and witnessed so many miracles. When we were first setting up, a guy from another booth walked up and saw some pamphlets about Joseph Smith and just started BASHING us. Please sir, thanks, but no thanks. Once he figured we weren't going to turn this into an argument, he slowly and awkwardly turned around and walked back to his booth. A half-hour later, a girl apologized for how the last guy was acting and told us how ridiculous he was being. After that, our investigator, B---, came to our booth and told us he read from the chapter of the Book of Mormon we gave him. And he came with great questions. :) Yes, the chapter was all about baptism. Afterwards, a girl started talking with us because she knew some other sisters. Then, a guy told us he wanted to get into some family history. And then two girls were passing our booth, and one of them started looking at all the stuff we had to offer. Her friend leaned over and said, "Oh, that's just the Mormons." "So...I wanna look!" She took a Restoration video. And a girl took a picture of our poster of Christ because she liked it. And on top of all of that, people we had met before came over to say hi and see how we were doing. That all happened within just a couple hours!
The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ
Friday, we set up our booth again, but it was a lot slower. BUT THEN a girl and a guy who went to school there asked us if they could interview and video us about what our opinions were about "going green." They then told us, the video would be on Youtube and on channel 3 on TV! So I'm basically a celeb, no big deal. We'll probably only be up for about five seconds, but still! The world will see our name tags. It should be up within 5-6 weeks. You'll find it in "CSUSB Local Matters." They weren't sure what the title was going to be, but it'll be something like "Traveling Eco Friendly..." or something like that.

So, that was my awesome week!

Until next time...later skaters!

Sister EmiKaeSom
Her favorite game

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