Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In the California Redlands Mission We...BAPTIZE!!!

Hey everyone!

So guess what happened this week! T--- got baptized!!! WOOHOO!! :) She was so dang prepared, I can't even believe it. But when good things happen, something just has to go wrong. The elders didn't tell us it would take over four hours to fill up the font, so she had to go under three times because she couldn't go under all the way! It's a good thing we were there to fill it up for at least 3 1/2 hours. She was a good sport about it though. She was laughing the whole time. Definitely an experience she will never forget. :) Her fiance, F---, was able to baptize and confirm her. 

We finally moved in with the hermanas! We all get along super well, so that's good! And we have a washer and dryer! Hallelujah! 

Bishop says southern California has four seasons; wind, fire, smog, and rain...well, maybe a little less on the rain part. Last week, a fire started in Big Bear and it lasted all week! A second one started a few days ago here in San B, but they were quick to put that one out. Scary stuff. Bishop was telling us about a huge fire in 2007 that burned about 1000 houses down!

Last Monday, we got to check out the original McDonalds. Super cool! And this morning, our zone went to the mission home, hung out with Sister Van Cott and played some games. Next P Day, we're taking a hike with Sister Van Cott! I just love her! :) 

That's about all! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Sommers


  1. Baptisms are the best! I'm glad that she finally made it all the way under. :)
    And it's good that you had a cheeseburger to hide in to escape the fire. We're praying for you always!


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