Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Seeing the Fruits of Your Labors

Hello friends and family!

So much has happened this week! It's kind of ridiculous!

The week all started with, of course, a text from the AP's. It was the best text I have ever received on my mission. On Sunday, July 5, P--- D--- would be baptized!!! The deal is if you've taught them, you can go back to that area to see them get baptized. Thanks to Sister K---, I was able to go back to La Quinta. As soon as I opened the doors, I saw P--- all dressed in white, getting ready to start. I ran right up to her and gave her the biggest hug.

"Sister Sommers, I was so afraid you weren't going to come!" she said in her sweet shaky voice.

I wasn't going to miss that baptism for the world. It was also so amazing to see my La Quinta family again! I miss them so much! As soon as I walked in the room, Bishop asked if I could say the opening
prayer and if I could help P--- in the font. I was so happy to be a part of her baptism. As we walked to the bathroom which led to the font, P--- looked at me and said with tears in her eyes, "I love you." I cried the rest of the baptism. I was so proud of her, and the spirit was SO strong! I have never felt the spirit like that in my life.

P---'s nephew, L---, got to baptize her, and he was just baptized a couple years ago! He kept thanking me, and thanking me. But I didn't do much of anything, I just told her what I knew to be true and invited her to do things. Her sister also went, and told me that I was changing her life...that definitely was not me. The spirit was the teacher and she chose for herself to change her life around. P---'s son and his wide also attended. It's amazing how the spirit can soften hearts. 

After reconnecting with friends, I saw the F---'s! The F---'s were not attending church for years and we tried so hard to get them to church. Yesterday, was the first I had ever seen them in the church building. Sister F--- always wanted to come back, but there was just something holding her back. They've been attending church for five weeks now, and she said she didn't realize the joy that had been missing from her life until she came back to church. 

Sis. F--- ran into some other sisters a few weeks ago, and they reminded her of me. She asked if she
would ever see me again. The sister said she probably wouldn't until after my mission. The crazy part is they weren't even planning on staying at the baptism, but then the Stake Relief Society President
invited them to stay.

"If we had decided not to stay, I wouldn't have gotten to see you!"
Sister F--- then leaned over towards someone, and said looking at me, "...that's my missionary."

That is so wonderful and crazy to think. I am someone's missionary!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Thank you to all of those who have served our country, and the many sacrifices you had to make for our freedom. It kind of made me miss being with my family at home, but it was still good because we got to be in Lake Arrowhead, and got to see fireworks off of Sister R---'s balcony.

I heard about the loss of our beloved apostle, President Boyd K. Packer. Thank you for your many years of service for the world and for the Lord.

Friday, I turned 7 months old! That's how long Sister P--- had been out when she started training me! It's so weird to think that I thought she was so old on the mission because I don't really feel that

So you will NEVER guess what happened this week. Friday morning, I ran one whole mile without stopping! I have never been able to do that in all my life! It was the most painful, exhausting thing I've ever done, but I did it! Some of you may be thinking (like my sister), "Ha! That is nothing!" But to me, it means a whole lot more than just nothing. So go ahead, you can clap for me. :)

What a wonderful week it's been! :)

Sister Emily KaeLynn Sommers

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  1. I'm clapping for you. The running was great, but the baptism story is awesome! That is one of the best feelings ever, and I think it is a preview of the joy we will feel in the next world as we meet again there with those that we had the joy to teach here.


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