Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hello friends and family!

My week started in a thrift shop called "Gypsyland". Pretty snazzy name, right? We went shopping there last Monday, and I found a super cute purple skirt WITH POCKETS for only 19 cents! STEAL! As the lady was ringing my skirt up, she started talking with us and asked questions about what we do as missionaries. As we were talking, she had obviously used the term "Mormons". Another lady looking at clothes near the register, turned around and shouted, "MORMONS?!" She stared at us, then at our name tags, then back to our faces, giving us the most disturbed look. We just looked at her and smiled. It's so sad when people judge you for who they think you are. If only everyone truly understood what we were all about. She then proceeded to strip down so she could try the clothes on she had just taken off the rack. That's DHS for ya! It was comforting to know we weren't the only "crazies" in there.

Surviving on these because it's 120 degrees!!!
Tuesday, we came back to the house to get some lunch. I was eating my delicious corn dog with about a million calories, kicking back in my recliner, minding my own business when suddenly, I heard banging on the sliding glass door. I jumped and turned to see a man standing on the other side of the glass. It scared me out of my whits, until I realized it was just Brother S---. He drove himself all the way back from Utah to check on the water because another pipe had busted. He was TICKED when he found out the sprinklers had been running nonstop for two weeks. We had no idea they were running that long because we're hardly ever home. Because California is in a drought, people here get fined if they use too much water. It would've been helpful to know what time the sprinklers were supposed to kick on and off. So that was an unpleasant surprise.

We threw a surprise birthday party for Elder C--- this week... well, I guess just "birthday party". This Ward isn't very good at keeping secrets. Haha! When the Elders found out, they didn't tell us, they just asked a bunch of weird questions about what we were doing Friday night. Then an hour before the party, they called telling us Elder C--- was being emergency transferred. Of course that was a big, fat lie because they showed up a half-hour early to the party! Those punk faces! Haha! At least we weren't uninvited to this one like we were in La Quinta. We actually had investigators there, so it was all good. It was a great time.

Stake Conference was yesterday, and that was super good! They talked about how important the member's roles are in missionary work. EVERYONE PLEASE WORK WITH YOUR MISSIONARIES!!! You're the reason we get things done. You make missionary work successful and effective. Please just do it, and your missionaries will love you forever. I promise.
Making new friends
Our Church Guest
A while ago, our recent convert, P---, went back to drinking coffee. Last night, we were visiting with her, her daughter who is also a recent convert, and her son-in-law. At the end of our lesson, her son-in-law suggested we kneel down in prayer for P--- about gaining a testimony of not drinking coffee. He was pretty much asking for a miracle. After the prayer, we all had a strong feeling that something was going to happen the next day, even P---. This morning, we called her up, asking if we could do our laundry at her house. When we got there, P--- was so full of energy! Haha, it was pretty cute. :) What was happening? "Sisters! I woke up this morning, and for the first time, I had absolutely no desire to drink my morning coffee. I had so much energy, I didn't know what to do with it all, so I cleaned the house and moved all the junk from my front porch." Cute P--- experienced a miracle. That miracle only happened through prayer and great faith. At the end of every weekly letter President sends to us, it always ends in something to do with "GREAT FAITH and MIGHTY PRAYER".

Through "GREAT FAITH and MIGHTY PRAYER" miracles can happen.

Sister Sommers

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  1. Small miracles are the best! If we watch for them, we find them often. What a blessed area to have you and your great faith there to help them.


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