Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Short & Sweet

Hey folks!

Umm...not too much happened this week...but please keep reading because missionary life is filled with nothing but pure awesomeness.

Congratulations to my Aunt Caitlin who got married last week! Welcome to the family, Dave number three! To make things clear, no she did not get married to three different Dave's. My mom and two of her sisters are all married to Dave's. My Aunt Courtney will be getting married in October to "not Dave."

Happy almost Birthday to my girl/adopted sista/favorite mermaid princess, Tristan! AHHH! You gonna be 18! YOU SO OLD! And you're one of my California buddies right now! Wouldn't it be crazy if we
"accidentally" ran into each other? ;)

Quick, cool story. We were driving the other day, and I looked up and saw this hawk flying above our car with a huge snake in its mouth. I love snakes, but that was just too dang cool!

I forgot to mention, a few weeks ago, I was totally deaf in my left ear for a whole week! Then, I got some ear drops, so all is well.

Another miracle happened yesterday! Remember last week, I was talking about how a member's inactive son came to church and bore his testimony? Yesterday, he AND his older inactive brother came to church, along with the member's non-member husband, which we're teaching! How wonderful it was to see that family sitting together at church.

Well, sorry, not too much to write about, but there's your weekly update!

Have a marvelous week, you all!

Sister Sommers

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  1. Your stories were short but awesome. I'm wondering though, how they connect to the pictures. Are you sisters driving a tank now and crashing through compound gates to get in and teach the California elite? Because that would be a story worth sharing too!


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