Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ohhh the Mission Life...


This week was pretty legit!

At the beginning of the week, Sister S--- took us to Palm Springs so we could go shopping at this sweet little shop with super cute clothes for under $10. As we were picking out our stuff, Sister S--- would offer to hold our things while we looked around some more, but when we turned back the items would no longer be in her hands. I looked at her all confused.
"I'm just putting them down," she said smiling.
When we decided we were done for the day, Sister W--- and I took out our wallets, getting ready to pay for our things. The cashier smiled at us and gestured towards Sister S--- who also had her wallet out. She paid for everything! We weren't going to let her, but we were too late. She is seriously the best! She's like our mom here in DHS because she feeds us every week, and just gives us everything. She spoils us rotten, but it makes her feel good to spoil us.

Thursday morning, our car wouldn't start. It's a good thing we were in front of a member's house who knows about cars. He was able to jump-start it, so we could drive to Jessup Chevrolet so they could replace the battery. NOOO! We just spent six-and-a-half hours there last week! It was really funny, when we walked in though. One of the workers smiled and said hi to us, but then he suddenly became extra nice, asking us all these questions.
"Where are you located?"
"We serve in DHS, but I'm originally from Utah, and she's from Ohio," Sister Wagner responded.
He looked really confused. Then all of us became confused.
"We're missionaries."
"Ohhhh! Hahaha, I thought you were both from corporate. They have very similar name tags."
Haha! Now we feel all super important and stuff walking into Jessup Chevrolet.

The members' house we were at, before our car blew up, was the G---'s home. We've been seeing them for a few weeks, giving them the lessons, but it was just this week that Sister G--- asked us where we were from. Turns out Sister G--- was born in Akron, Ohio, and would go fishing in Chippewa Lake all the time as a kid! Hooray for connections!

Friday, we had an awesome Mission Conference with Elder Robert C. Gay. The meeting was all about how we, as missionaries, are being converted to the gospel. It was all very inspiring and edifying, and answered some questions that had been on my mind. Before the conference started, we went to talk to Elder T--- because we had served with him in La Quinta. Turns out, he's still there! He introduced us to his new companion, Elder S---. Elder S--- looked at my name tag and said, "Ohhh! So you're Sister Sommers! I hear your name like a bajillion times! They really miss you over there. "I thought I was going to cry! That felt so good to hear.

So guess what! Our investigator, P---, got baptized yesterday! YIPPEE!!! :) She was so prepared! I love those prepared people! We really knew she was ready when she was telling us how much she loved reading The Book of Mormon, and how she could feel the Spirit testify to her that this was the church with the fullness of the gospel.

Transfer information was yesterday, and we found out that we're both staying in DHS! But then the elders called us this morning, and told us that they got some info mixed up, and that I was actually being transferred and had to leave by tonight! But then they said they were just messing with us. THOSE PUNK FACES!

I love our Ward Mission Leader and his wife, the C---'s! They told us we were their favorite sisters they had ever had. Of course, we thought that's what they say to all the missionaries, but they were serious.
"Now don't be gettin' a big head."
"Haha, too late, Brother C---." ;)

That is all. Love and miss you all!

Sister Emily KaeLynn Sommers


  1. Glad that you had such a good week. Woo hoo for baptisms! I'm such a goober brain that i had to stare at that picture of you at the font for a few minutes to figure out that you were taking a picture in the mirror and not being talked to by an angel from above, who just happened to take a picture of you. :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Sister Sommers, Loved reading your blog. You are one amazing missionary girl!! So happy that you are so happy doing the Lord's work. The joy you feel radiates through your posts and it is wonderful! Remember 'Wherever you go, though sunshine or snow.(no snow there, but you can imagine being from Ohio), This you should know. God cares.
    We care too. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Bro. and Sis. McEntire


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