Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Burdens Can Be Made Light

Rain? Could it be?

Hey Folks! It's that sister missionary again, writing about how her week went!

Okay, so here we go. Wednesday, we had another Mission Conference! We talked a lot about The Book of Mormon and how we can use it more effectively in our teaching. It was really good, but the only thing was we were there for ten hours! Most of the time it's only six hours, but those times they weren't putting TIWI boxes in our cars. Yep, it's finally happened. The talking boxes that yell at you if you're driving too fast or too aggressive have been installed in our cars. Okay, it doesn't yell at you, but there have been a couple of times where we jumped because it's kind of loud and gives you no notice that it's about to tell you how to drive. Before we drive anywhere, we have to swipe a card over the TIWI box in order to log in. The third day we had it, the card wasn't letting us log in, so every 30 seconds we had to hear, "no driver." At that point, I did not love technology as much as Kip from "Napoleon Dynamite." Five hours later, we finally got it to work. PHEW! We're learning how to love it.

Friday, we were over at our investigator, V---'s, house. Her friend, Susan Stafford, was staying over there this week. That name ring a bell to anyone? Anyone wanna buy a vowel? I guess she was an actress, and Vanna White took her place in "Wheel of Fortune". Pretty cool, eh?

Sunday was AWESOME! President Madsen, one of President Van Cott's counselors, is retiring from being a veterinarian and moving away with his wife. That's not the awesome part, that's actually really sad because we really love him. The awesome part was he spoke in our sacrament meeting as a farewell because he works here in DHS, and he invited a TON of his friends! There were about 50 non-members there who got to be in sacrament meeting and also witness two confirmations! You can really tell how much President Madsen is loved in this valley. He talked about his love for animals, the love for the people he worked with, and the love for the gospel. There was no denying that everyone in that room could feel the spirit. One of my favorite stories he was able to witness was that of a 9-year-old boy and his mom who went shopping for a puppy. When they found the litter, the boy spotted a puppy with a crooked leg.
"I want that one!" the boy exclaimed.
"Honey, that pup's leg is bent. He probably has lots of other problems. Why don't you choose one of the healthier ones?"
The boy then lifted his pant leg, uncovering the brace that held his own crooked leg.
"I want that puppy. That puppy understands me."

This boy and his new dog reminds me of the atonement. Sometimes we may go through things and think that nobody understands. But there is one, and that is our Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows you perfectly. He knows
you inside and out. He knows your name. He knows exactly what you've been through in this life because he has felt it. Rely on the Savior and His atonement and he can make you stronger. He may not take the burden away, but he can give us strength, so our burdens may be light.

Have a fabulous week!

Sister Sommers

I guess it does rain in Southern California.

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  1. I had never heard of Susan Stafford, so I decided to Googlle her. Sounds like she's gone on to greater work than letter turning. Here's what I found: "It seems like Vanna White has been the hostess/letter turner on the Wheel of Fortune forever, as she’s filled that position since 1982. But the show had another hostess, Susan Stafford, who occupied the role from the show’s inception in 1975 until White took over, just as WoF entered syndication and became an international phenomenon. Still, in her time on the show, Stafford made history, becoming the first game-show hostess to have her own microphone and the first woman nominated for an Emmy for a game show. A mission trip to India changed Stafford’s life. She returned to the U.S. with a new resolve to do more than just “turn letters.” Stafford has gone on to live a fulfilling live in helping others. She used her experience in show business to produce documentaries for American leprosy missions in Africa, India and the Philippines. She has worked with many victims of disaster, including those affected by September 11 and the Columbine shootings. Her efforts have earned her the World Unity Award for Humanitarian Service, among other honors. If all that’s not enough, Stafford earned a doctorate in clinical psychology and is an ordained minister. Stafford outlined her busy life in her autobiography, Stop the Wheel, I Want to Get Off!, released in 2010."


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