Thursday, October 29, 2015

And Here We Go Again!

Hey folks!

This week was KRAZY! That's right, krazy with a "K".

Tuesday evening, we had dinner with the C--- family, and Brother C--- showed me some pictures from his mission from four years ago because he served in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. It was weird when he showed me a photo of the ASHLAND BUILDING because I guess he had an exchange there once when he was serving in the Akron Ward. It was even weirder when I saw photos of him and Elder O---!!! Yes, that would be the same one who taught Tristan!

Tuesday, we had interviews with President. I love those. In all of our mission and zone conferences he's always calling us unto repentance, putting the fear of God in us. But in our personal one-on-one interviews, he always makes me feel better about myself and about the work. Sometimes I feel so frustrated with myself, thinking I'm not doing enough, but he always tells me, "nah, I'm not worried about you. You're doing what you're supposed to, and you're doing great work." That means SO MUCH coming from him.

Thursday morning, we got a call from the AP's, telling us that BOTH of us would be leaving the area, and we would have to be packed and ready to go by 4:00 pm! So that gave us little time to pack and clean up, and absolutely no time to say goodbye to anyone. Laaaame! So we just called everyone to say goodbye. Luckily for us, N--- and P---, and S--- and P--- came by to give us our last hugs. They're cute. :) Sister W--- is in Highland now, and I got to come back to the Northpark YSA Ward in San Bernardino! Woohoo!!! :) I also get Sister P--- back! And I get Sister M--- D--- as a companion, so I'm in another trio! It's pretty fun.

You know what's super weird though? Riding in the car with ELDERS! It was the AP's who dropped us off in our new areas. When it was me and Sister W--- in the car, it was only Elder R--- in the front, while his two other companions followed in our car. After we dropped Sister W--- and her stuff off, I gave her a big hug while the elders ran down the steps. 
"You better hurry," she said. "Your companion is leaving you."
"Haha, yeah, all three of them."
So for the next hour it was me stuck in the car with Elders R--- and B---. Fortunately, they didn't make it totally awkward and knew how to keep a conversation going.

It was really fun showing up at the YSA Halloween activity, surprising everyone. It was especially awesome when my recent convert, J---, saw me. His face was priceless. :) Ugh, I hated that it was so tempting to give him a hug though. Don't worry, we just stuck with the handshake.

So there goes my Krazy week. Thanks for reading!

Sister Emily KaeLynn Sommers

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