Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So Long, Farewell...

Hello, my amazing friends and family!


For starters, I got my package! Yay! Thanks mom! :) The office got their package too! Both, Sister A--- and President Van Cott, called to tell me how awesome mom was. No one has ever done that for them. Way to go, mom!

Friday, I got to go on exchanges with my trainer, Sister P---! That was so fun to be with her on her last normal day of the mission and talk about old memories.

Alright, time to be a debby downer, now. Today we had to take Sister D--- to the airport. That's right, she had to go home for medical reasons. :( I just can't believe she made it to six months! She's a trooper. President Van Cott picked us all up to take her. That was kind of weird to be riding with President. Once we got there, President and Sister P--- took Sister D--- inside the airport, while I stayed in the front seat of the van BY MYSELF! That was totally weird. President would rather not have his van towed, I guess. Not only is she going home, but Sister P--- is leaving tomorrow, as well. She's all done with her mission. President told me I'm the first missionary to kill off two companions at the same time. Tomorrow, Sister P---, Sister W---, and Sister P--- will be flying home. That's all the rest of my companions! Man, I just keep killin' 'em all off!

I haven't met my new companion yet, but I hear she's really nice. I'm also senior companion, so that increases my stress level by a million. So there's that. Prayers would definitely be appreciated.

Alright, sorry this letter was so short, it's been a crazy day!


Sister Sommers

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  1. Trust. President trusted you alone in his van. :) And yes, your mom is super awesome!


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