Sunday, November 15, 2015

That Party Was SICK!

Hey everyone!

This week was a little unproductive, so this is gonna be a super short letter because Tuesday morning, Sister P--- and I got hit really hard with the flu. We were fine all of Monday, but when Tuesday
morning rolled around, our bodies were like...WHAM! You just lost five pounds in one day! We stayed in all of Tuesday, and most of Wednesday and had a sick party. Sister D--- took great care of us though. 

We felt pretty useless the rest of the week because we felt so dang loopy. Haha! The day we got sick, the news just spread like wildfire. All of the YSA found out by the end of the day. Our phone was blown up all day with get well texts, texts that they were all praying for us, and some of them even came by our apartment to give us some soup. One of our investigators, R---, even prayed for us. One thing you should know about R--- is that he has never prayed before. We felt super special that day.

And for more exciting news! Our investigator, E---, is getting baptized on Sunday! WHOOP, WHOOP! He was SO prepared! And for even MORE exciting news, our recent convert, J---, is baptizing him! :) That'll be a special experience for the both of them.

Well, that's all the interesting stuff that happened this week.
Have an awesomely, fantastical kind of week!

Sister Sommers

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  1. So wonderful that even while you are sick, the blessings of heaven are raining down upon you. :) It's great to hear that your new convert is performing a baptism. That's the best kind of news to write home about. We love you, Sister Sommers! Keep up the great work.


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