Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's My Party and I'll Wear Jeans if I Want To

WHello beautiful friends and family!

I imagine people back home are dreading today because it's Monday. Another round of school and work. For some missionaries, it's quite opposite; HOORAY FOR MONDAY'S BECAUSE IT'S P-DAY! But today I'm all like HOORAY FOR MONDAY BECAUSE IT'S P-DAY AND MY BIRTHDAY!!! [and she gets to wear jeans for Preparation Day]

Yes, today is the day I become one year older and wiser too. I am now 21-years-old! That is so weird. I feel like I JUST had my birthday, so it doesn't really feel like it's my birthday today.

Thank you for all the presents, letters, hugs, texts, emails, and phone calls! I received a special phone call from the R--- this morning with special permission from President! They were the Senior Couple Missionaries who served with me a few months back here in the YSA Ward! It was so good to hear from them! For more celebration, we will be bowling with a few other sisters today.

Wednesday was a pretty special day. That morning, we got to watch a Worldwide Mission Conference. It was pretty great and inspiring hearing from our apostles and other her church leaders. Later, we went to Cal State and found a ton of people who wanted copies of The Book of Mormon and who wanted to take the lessons. What a blessing! That evening, we gave our investigator R--- a temple tour before he moved to San Fransisco. Lastly, we got to go inside the temple to see A---, and three other recent converts perform baptisms. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences I've ever had.

Thursday evening, we had our Mormon 101 class at our Ward Mission Leader's house, and had three potentials show up! It was awesome. So happy we're finding those prepared people I always pray for.


Sister Emily Sommers

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  1. Sounds like the makings of a happy, happy birthday, Sister Sommers dear! I sure hope happy days will come to you all year. :)


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