Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Mission Adventures

Hello my dearies!

It's been a great week!

Monday, I had a wonderful birthday thanks to a lot of amazing people. I got so many nice prizes, and letters, along with three birthday cakes! Not to mention I was sung to at least eight different times. What can I say? My family, friends, and the YSA Ward love me. :) Sister Van Cott is so funny. She called me that evening at 10:28 p.m. to sing to me! Hahaha! (Our bedtime is 10:30pm.) And yes, I did celebrate with ice cream too.

Tuesday, we had interviews with President. My interview went really well. I was happy he was able to answer all of the questions I had. After my interview, Sister Van Cott joined us in our District Meeting and gave us all sorts of wise counsel. I just love her! After District Meeting, President had already left, so Sister Van Cott asked Sister B--- and me if we could give her a ride to the mission office. We drove extra slow so TIWI wouldn't go off on us. Haha!

I forgot to mention, we had dinner a few weeks ago with peas in it. When I received my plate, my companion stared at me as if to say, "are you really going to eat that?" I ate all around the peas...and I still managed to get a swollen lip. I can't complain much though, that was a half-hour of imitating Angelina Jolie!

Yesterday, our recent convert, E---, gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. It was based on the talk "What Lack I Yet?" given by Elder Larry R. Lawrence in this last General Conference. I was so proud. So proud that it made me tear up. He did awesome!

Well, that's all she wrote!

Hope your week is filled with all things happy! And don't forget to smile! :)

Sister Sommers

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