Monday, February 15, 2016

Sprint to the Finish...and I Don't Even Run

My dearest friends and family,

Boy, it has been quite the week!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's yesterday! Even if you're single, you still have family to celebrate with. And if you're family's not with you, you have your friends. And if you don't have friends, then just be a little more social. And if social skills aren't up your alley, you have a loving Heavenly Father who's looking out for you. And if you don't believe in God, well then, too bad because He'll be stickin' around for a while. 

Tuesday, when we were at Valley College, a kid came up to us and asked if he could interview and film us on what we do as missionaries. That's my second time being recorded in the mission. #famous - If you wanna check it out, or just miss the sound of my voice, you can find it on YouTube and just type in "SBVC Worshop Survey by Mitchell Young". He interviewed other people on campus, so we're somewhere in the middle. (3:40 at

That same day, just a couple hours later, we looked at the phone to see we had a missed call. Sister B--- listened to the message they had left and then stared at me. "It's the mission office...they want to talk to you." Oh no. I called the mission office back and held my breath until Sister Allred picked up. "Hello, Sister Sommers! I'm just calling you about your flight information..." NOOOO!!! NOT THE TRUNKY CALL! NOT YET!

When President interviewed me last week, I was not prepared for what he was about to say. "Sister Sommers, keep working hard, but now is the time you need to start thinking about home." President, why you gotta say somethin' like that? Ugh...I feel like that is NOT going to help me be an effective missionary.

Transfers are this week. That means after this next transfer, I will only have ONE MORE TRANSFER LEFT! ONE!!! HOLY CABOOSES! They have a "Twelve Weeks" program for missionaries who are just coming in. Don't they have one of those for missionaries who are going home? Oh yeah, that's right, it's called "My Plan"...I don't even remember half of my life before the mission. How do they expect me to make a "now-that-I'm-a-somewhat-normal-human-being" plan for myself? I thought I was supposed to be a missionary forever! Anyways, I'll let you know where I end up this week!

Alright, enough with this "trunky" talk.

We were driving into town, when all of a sudden, I saw someone we hadn't seen or heard from for quite a few weeks. When we turned around to find her, she was nowhere to be seen. We figured maybe she had walked into the store I had seen her nearby, so we pulled over and walked towards the store, being totally oblivious to what store it actually was. We hadn't realized that the windows were tinted black until a guy outside the store asked, "...y'all goin' in there?" 
"Yeah...wait, what store is this?"
"That's a marijuana store."
"Oh...thank you! You have a great day, sir!

Look what I found in my studies the other day! It's all about when the saints settled San Bernardino. Pretty cool, eh?

Yesterday, we had one of the best Stake Conference's ever. It was cool because it was a live broadcast of some of the leaders of our church including Elder C. Scott Grow, Bonnie L. Oscarson, Elder James J. Hamula, and Elder Dale G. Renlund. It was pretty sweet to see Elder Hamula conduct the conference considering I had just met and shook his hand the week before. He talked about not fearing the things of the world. As long as we stand with the church and its leaders, we will not have to worry. Elder Grow talked about how we need to do more than just casually read our scriptures, pray, and go to church. We need to "feast upon the words of Christ," pray with all energy of our hearts, and keep the sacred covenants we made at baptism and in the temple. Sister Oscarson talked about "standing as a witness of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places," and Elder Renlund spoke on revelation and how true doctrine, understood, changes attitude and behavior.

Amen to all of that!

Have a phenomenal week!

Sister Sommers


  1. I love reading about your missionary experiences. You have such a positive attitude. Love you lots!

  2. Great to read your stories of faith and enthusiasm.

  3. Bet your mom was happy to read this letter home. She can do all the trunky things for you!


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