Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Warning: this letter may contain...Dinosaurs!

Hello, my lovelies!

This week has been...well...it's been a week. So it's gonna be another short one. Sorry!

Funny how in General Conference, Elder Holland was talking about the "Dinosaurs" that may come into our lives after watching General Conference; meaning the trials we may have to face after experiencing something super spiritually uplifting! It's been kind of one of those weeks. We wouldn't know joy if we couldn't experience sorrow, I guess. I'm not really gonna talk about it here, but just know that we could really use your prayers right now. That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Okay, okay now for something awesome!

You know what's awesome? Homefront videos! You know what else is awesome? The fact that I am CONVINCED my parents just watched those over and over until they turned our family into one. I kid you not! Each video I watch (during our lunch break), I feel like I'm saying over and over, "That's totally my mom." or "That's exactly what my dad would do." Way to go, mom and dad! I have the best parents. (Sigh) I love our family.

Hope your week is like my email...short and sweet!

Sister Sommers

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  1. You DO have particularly awesome parents, you lucky girl! Sorry that you are dealing with a T-rex this week though. You are in our prayers daily, but we'll say your name extra loud now. Love you!


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