Monday, February 9, 2015

The Adventures of a Sister Missionary

Hola, everyone!

Wow, these weeks seriously just get better and better! I don't even understand it!

I FINALLY got my birthday package! Yay!! :) I love everything! Thanks family!

We were in Subway the other day, and two different little girls thought we were Elsa and Anna. How precious! :) It was nice out, so we decided to eat outside, in front of this cute smoothie shop called Mangos! The owner named R---, came out and we started talking to him about what we do as missionaries.
"Have you ever read the Book of Mormon?"
"Oh yeah, I've read it six times."
...SIX TIMES?!?!
Some missionaries had just left it on his doorstep eight years ago, and never followed up. He then proceeded to tell us that he loves it, and knows it's all true. So yeah, he's taking the discussions. Afterwards, he surprised us with these fancy smoothies layered with strawberries, bananas, yogurt, granola, ice cream, whip cream, and a cherry on top FOR FREE! Oh my goodness, they were sooo good! 

We had an AMAZING lesson with D--- the other day. We taught her about the restoration in our bishop's home. The spirit was so strong, there was just no denying it. The best way to teach is definitely in a member's home.

We're teaching a family! The parents are E--- and R---, and they have two kids, C--- (15), and V--- (20). V--- is in college though, so we can't teach him just yet. But they are the cutest family in the world! They took us on a hike this morning up in the mountains, then took us out for lunch at Souplantation. Best P Day ever! Pretty sure I got some sun. It's February, and it's 90 degrees out. Right on!
The other day, E--- told me I looked like Dr. Quinn! Someone needs to get a hold of Ron Adams, and let him know he's not the only one who likes to call me Doc. :)

One of D---'s kids is in jail now. They're accusing him of murder, but I don't think he's capable of doing that. He's one of the most disrespectful kids I've ever met, but I don't think it was him; they're still trying to look for evidence. The cops interviewed us last week when we came out of D---'s house, so hopefully we won't have to go to court or anything like that. Don't worry about us though. The Lord always protects His missionaries. 

I seriously don't understand how wealthy these people are. We were at a couple of members' houses, and they were talking about the two or three other mansions they have. How does one do that? I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my living room when I get my one house.

We got to volunteer at the color run! That was fun. My job was to open plastic bags so they could be ready for others to put t-shirts in. I opened 700 plastic bags in 2.5 hours. I'm a pro now.

Well, those were my adventures for the week. Now you go find some adventures this week!

Sister Sommers

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  1. Who knew the experiences you would have and the talents you would gain through missionary service. 700 plastic bags.! Just kidding. It is wonderful to hear of the great teaching opportunities you are having. Having investigators drop in your lap like Raul (wait, you can't have a guy in your lap!) is probably the best feeling for a missionary. Hopefully he will be ready to make commitments now that someone has finally followed up on the reading he's been doing.

    Our prayers continue for you and your investigators!


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