Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ohhh Transfer Week...

Hello world!
Scripture Power

First of all, IT'S MY DADDY'S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday, Pops! You're so OLD! :)

Everybody better stop what they're doing on Wednesday because then it's my brother, Daniel's birthday! HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, DANIEL! You can finally go to dances and show off your fancy moves.

This week, was of course transfers. I really miss Sister P---, but my new companion, Sister T--- W---, is super sweet, very hard-working, and just about laughs at everything. :) She's different than Sister P---, but I love them both! Watch out for this month's Ensign because not only is it super good, but it has Sister W---'s cousin on the front cover! How cool is that!

New Companion
We also have roommates! I didn't have roommates my first couple of transfers, so I was lucky enough to have my own bathroom. I wasn't very excited at first, but now, I love it! We room with Hermana M--- and Hermana Y---. They are so much fun, I just love them to death!

Since I've been here longer, I'm in charge of the area. I'm not gonna lie, it is stressful! But I also know it's only going to make me a more successful missionary.

A few weeks ago, we ordered P--- the Book or Mormon on CD's because she's 70 years old and legally blind. It took a while for them to get here, but they finally arrived this week. We knocked on her door the next day, and she opened it, asking, "Was I expecting you today?"
"No, but you've been expecting these!" I said holding out her CD's.

I wish you all could have seen her face! It was priceless. :) She was like a little girl on her first trip to Disney Land! We helped her put in the first CD, and right after the introduction started playing, she put both hands over her mouth, and her eyes just lit up behind tears. She's never read the Book of Mormon, but she just knew there was something special contained in that book. Cute P---. :)

We finally have an official date on P---'s baptism, April 18! Her family is going to travel from Nevada to come see her, and her nephew Leo is going to baptize and confirm her.

Before Sister P--- left, we all (Me, Sister P, J--- P---, K--- W---, and J--- & S--- H---) went to the best burger place ever, The Habit! Afterwards, Sister H--- took one last picture of me and Sister P---, and I guess she posted it on Instagram. Before long, there was a comment under the picture that said something along the lines of "Sister Sommers! That's our missionary!" It was my institute teachers, the Brown's! The H---'s know the Browns! That's always exciting to find out! :)
Hope everyone's week was fantastic! Stay fresh.

Sister Sommers

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Letters from La Quinta

Hey e'rbody!
[I guess she's still my girl :) ]

This week is transfers! I survived transfers, so I will be staying in La Quinta! Unfortunately, they're taking Sister P--- away from me. NOOOO!!! :( I'm not ready to let go of her; she seriously is like my sister! Everyone saw it coming though, and I had a feeling she would go too. Probably because she's been here for eight months. She'll be going to Fontana; the Tongan ward! We thought the ZL's were just kidding when they gave us the news because she's always joking about president sending her there. That news was pretty devastating for her since she's one of the skinniest sisters in the mission, always does hardcore workouts, and watches everything she eats. Those Tongans are gonna think she's starving, and feed her 5000 calories every meal! AND they only speak Tongan in church. At least they're super friendly! I haven't met my new companion yet, but her name is Sister W---, and I hear she's super nice. So that's a relief.
We've been teaching a recent convert's (J---) daughter in-law, S---. This week, S--- told us that she wants to be baptized! She hasn't committed to a date yet, but she knows this is something that she wants. She has realized how happy and patient it makes her as she reads the Book of Mormon. We are now teaching her and her husband, O---! They have two ADORABLE kids, I--- (7) and S--- (4). I--- is always talking about how he wants to be baptized when he turns eight, and how he wants to go on a mission. :) I--- just recently bought a suit, and told J---, "Is everyone gonna think I'm a missionary?" :)

Cute Story Time: a little girl in the ward, named P---, just turned four years old. When her mom asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she thought P--- would choose something like Disney Land.
"I want to have pizza with Jesus, at the temple!"

Every Friday, we do service for a couple hours at Martha's Thrift Store. Lots of people volunteer there, but this week, we found a volunteer, B---, who is turning 102 years old this year! And she's still totally active in everything she does. What a blessing!
Volunteering at 102!
Here are some interesting facts about the La Quinta ward: (1) There is a family with three Francisco's; the dad and their two sons. The sons go by Franky and Cisco, to obviously make it less confusing. (2) There is a couple in the ward named Ken and Barbie! I kid you not! (3) There are a lot of snowbirds in the ward because everyone is afraid of the snow, but there's a lady in the ward who is originally from Utah, and has some pretty big people in her ward; Mary Cook (General YW's Presidency), who, by the way, came to the La Qinta ward yesterday; Bill Mariott; Elizabeth Smart; AAAANNNNDDDD....drum roll please....Mitt Romney! I hear he's not planning on running again. Dangit!

Last month, we went to Panera Bread and met the cutest couple in the world, Y--- and M---! Y--- is from France and M--- is from Iran. I was so sad when we had to leave because I just wanted to sit and talk with them forever! Well, just a couple days ago, we were walking from a member's home, and we saw that cute couple pull into their driveway exactly before we passed by their house! Hello, miracle! They invited us inside for a glass of water because it's getting pretty hot out; 95 degrees. Now we don't have to wonder where they live anymore. MUAHAHA! We already ambushed them with chocolate chip cookies.

That's about it for this week! Stay chill, everyone...even though the east coast is finally getting warmer.

Sister Sommers     

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Opposition in All Things

Hey, all of my lovely people!

The beginning of this week was ehhh...no bueno. It all started on Tuesday morning when we went for our morning run. I discovered a huge blister on the bottom of my foot, but I kept running anyway. I know, I'm crazy. That was the first time, my whole mission, I thought I was gonna die from running. When we ran back to our apartment, we then discovered we locked ourselves out! We were locked out for an hour until we finally found someone with a key. Lesson learned; we now have a spare. When we came into the apartment, I started getting ready, and then realized my thumb ring was missing. I looked everywhere, and finally found it down the drain of my bathroom sink. Hopefully, we can find someone who can get it out soon. On Wednesday, we were on exchanges, and for the first time, I lost my planner! That was stressful since I was the one in charge of the area. Good thing Sister L--- is so kind and patient. We said a prayer that I would find my planner, and I found it the next morning. Wheww...just in time!

Ok, enough with all of the shenanigans! Time for some wonderful news! P--- is getting baptized!!! Yayy!! :) She is seriously the most golden investigator I've ever taught. Which is weird because I really don't feel like I've taught her anything. She was just so prepared! Her sister and her sister's family, from Nevada, are members. When they found out P--- was taking the discussions, they were so dang excited. Her Nephew, L---, called us up and was already making plans to come baptize and confirm her. And on March 28th, that's exactly what's happening. :)

I got my packages! Woohoo! Mom, how did you know I wanted new clothes? I love them! I also have as many pieces of candy as there are plastic bottles in the ocean. There are so many plastic bottles in the ocean, it can go around the whole earth eight times! So I don't need any more candy. Believe me, I appreciate it so much, but are you all trying to make me fat? I found out that the average weight a sister gains in this mission is 30 pounds! Believe me, it's a real thing. But that's only if she doesn't eat healthy and doesn't exercise. Good thing I'm doing both of those things; I've already lost five pounds. I didn't do any of that at home. Missions really do change people.

I so very much appreciate all of the letters and packages I get! I actually get more stuff than any other missionary in my whole zone! I feel kinda bad, but I feel so blessed to have such loving friends and family. :)

I graduated my 12 weeks of training! Woohoo! No longer a trainee! That's what's up. 

Coming back from exchanges, Sister P--- and I started talking to these two guys in the gas station parking-lot, standing outside their truck. They were super friendly, and then one of them said, "Wanna see what I got for my mom's birthday?"
He opened the door on the passenger's side, and pointed towards the floor of the truck.
"Oh my gosh, those are live peacocks!"
They were so pretty! He had a male and female, and later gave each of us a feather.

I am REALLY loving the book Our Search for Happiness by M. Russell Ballard! I strongly encourage you all to read it, especially all of you non-members! I can't ever put it down.

General Conference is coming up! YEESSS! I am so excited! President has challenged us to read the whole Book of Mormon before General Conference. I'm in 3 Nephi, so I think I can do it.

Go read the Book of Mormon! It'll change your life!

That's all folks!

Sister Sommers 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Don't Even Know Espanol!

Hola Amigos!

First off, OH MY GOSH, this week is my very last week of training! But how?! I just got here! It's so crazy how each week seriously only feels like three days! Guess I better start working faster, so we can help save these people.

The District
I forgot to mention in my last email, I got to train a sister on her first day! I was training while in training. Weird! Our companions had to go to an MLC meeting since they are both Sister Training Leaders, so that's how I ended up with Sister G--- on her first day out in the field. Sister Peterson told me President Van Cott must really have a lot of faith in me. Aww, cute President :) ...just don't be too faithful. He might make me start training sooner. I'm not ready for that yet.

Sis M--- and Sis Sommers
This week, on exchanges, I got to go to Spanish Land with Sister M---! Ohh Spanish Land...the place where I get to speak my useless high school espanol I haven't used in two years. But it was fun! We got to teach an English class to an investigator who doesn't speak a lick of English. I also got to meet the cutest Hispanic family! The two youngest boys were the only ones who spoke English. They've only taken two years of English, and they're already fluent! The youngest boy, S---, said the opening prayer in Spanish, but later on, Sister M--- told me what he said, "Please help Sister Sommers to feel comfortable here because we like her. And please bless her that she will be able to learn a little Spanish before she has to leave for her area."
One of the daughters showed me some stories she's written. They were all in Spanish, so I couldn't read them. Sister M--- told me her stories were scarier than a normal nine-year-old should write. She then proceeded to tell me, that this little girl is schizophrenic. So yes, she sees things that normal people shouldn't see, and then writes stories about it. I can't even imagine how painful that must be.  

Sis Sommers and her Spanishfriends
I was so excited, but then realized our little amigo wasn't home. :( I just fear for the little lizards that run around over here. They're quick though, so I don't think they need to worry much. I have yet to catch a lizard. That's one of my goals before I go home. Oh yeah, and the people. I fear for the people as well. I'm watching out for black widows and scorpions.

I hear Ohio is like an arctic blast! It's insane what people are telling me! I can't even imagine since I'm always in short-sleeves and sweating...except for yesterday. It rained all day yesterday and didn't even stop once! The desert could use some of that, but us missionaries are thinking different. Luckily, we have a car.

We're teaching the cutest lady named P---! We found her husband, at first, working outside, so we started talking with him. We gave him to the Spanish Elders, but then found out his wife, P---, wanted English-speaking sisters! Hooray for us! She is so prepared, it's unreal! She'll be baptized before we know it!

Sooo, those were my adventures this week!

Hasta Lavista!

Hermana Sommers