Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Opposition in All Things

Hey, all of my lovely people!

The beginning of this week was ehhh...no bueno. It all started on Tuesday morning when we went for our morning run. I discovered a huge blister on the bottom of my foot, but I kept running anyway. I know, I'm crazy. That was the first time, my whole mission, I thought I was gonna die from running. When we ran back to our apartment, we then discovered we locked ourselves out! We were locked out for an hour until we finally found someone with a key. Lesson learned; we now have a spare. When we came into the apartment, I started getting ready, and then realized my thumb ring was missing. I looked everywhere, and finally found it down the drain of my bathroom sink. Hopefully, we can find someone who can get it out soon. On Wednesday, we were on exchanges, and for the first time, I lost my planner! That was stressful since I was the one in charge of the area. Good thing Sister L--- is so kind and patient. We said a prayer that I would find my planner, and I found it the next morning. Wheww...just in time!

Ok, enough with all of the shenanigans! Time for some wonderful news! P--- is getting baptized!!! Yayy!! :) She is seriously the most golden investigator I've ever taught. Which is weird because I really don't feel like I've taught her anything. She was just so prepared! Her sister and her sister's family, from Nevada, are members. When they found out P--- was taking the discussions, they were so dang excited. Her Nephew, L---, called us up and was already making plans to come baptize and confirm her. And on March 28th, that's exactly what's happening. :)

I got my packages! Woohoo! Mom, how did you know I wanted new clothes? I love them! I also have as many pieces of candy as there are plastic bottles in the ocean. There are so many plastic bottles in the ocean, it can go around the whole earth eight times! So I don't need any more candy. Believe me, I appreciate it so much, but are you all trying to make me fat? I found out that the average weight a sister gains in this mission is 30 pounds! Believe me, it's a real thing. But that's only if she doesn't eat healthy and doesn't exercise. Good thing I'm doing both of those things; I've already lost five pounds. I didn't do any of that at home. Missions really do change people.

I so very much appreciate all of the letters and packages I get! I actually get more stuff than any other missionary in my whole zone! I feel kinda bad, but I feel so blessed to have such loving friends and family. :)

I graduated my 12 weeks of training! Woohoo! No longer a trainee! That's what's up. 

Coming back from exchanges, Sister P--- and I started talking to these two guys in the gas station parking-lot, standing outside their truck. They were super friendly, and then one of them said, "Wanna see what I got for my mom's birthday?"
He opened the door on the passenger's side, and pointed towards the floor of the truck.
"Oh my gosh, those are live peacocks!"
They were so pretty! He had a male and female, and later gave each of us a feather.

I am REALLY loving the book Our Search for Happiness by M. Russell Ballard! I strongly encourage you all to read it, especially all of you non-members! I can't ever put it down.

General Conference is coming up! YEESSS! I am so excited! President has challenged us to read the whole Book of Mormon before General Conference. I'm in 3 Nephi, so I think I can do it.

Go read the Book of Mormon! It'll change your life!

That's all folks!

Sister Sommers 

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  1. Holy cow, that's a BIG cactus! So glad that I can stop feeling guilty for not getting around to sending you letters and packages. We'll just say that I don't want the rest of your zone to feel bad. ;) Congratulations on having a baptism pending; that is awesome. And really great that she has family that is ready to support her. I think I'll take you up on that Book of Mormon challenge. I've been slacking off lately, so I needed the nudge. Love you! Vickie


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