Thursday, January 14, 2016


Ok, now that I have all of your attention, I can now tell you that I didn't get transferred like President said I was going to. President changes his mind all the time, so I'm really not surprised. But I am so happy I get to stay another six weeks and hang out with all the YSA here! This is my fifth transfer here! Man, I've been here for an eternity! That's ok, he can keep me here as long as he wants. :)

Wednesday morning, my companion and I woke up to another earthquake! We definitely didn't feel it as much as the one last week because this time, it happened in Banning. It was a 4.8 earthquake! Sister A--- told us they only get earthquakes like this once every 3-4 years! Now we've had two fairly big ones within two weeks. After that first one, I had a feeling that wasn't going to be the only one I would experience.

Tuesday, I still had an awful cold. I basically looked like a breathing corpse. And then on Saturday, I had the worst migraine in the world, and my companion spent most of her time Friday evening throwing her guts up. My goodness, we're like the next season of "The Walking Dead". But we are feeling MUCH better. Hopefully, it will stay like that for at least the rest of my mission. That would be great, thanks.

School is FINALLY in session! HALLELUJAH! That means we will find more people to teach and baptize! School breaks are no bueno for the YSA sisters. We can finally start to build our teaching pool.

So that was about my week. Hope yours is going just swimmingly!

Love you all!

Sister Sommers

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  1. It looks like you are singing in the rain on your way to the tree of life. But where is the iron rod?


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