Tuesday, March 22, 2016

And This is Why I Was Taught to Never Talk to Strangers...Until Now

Hey ere'body!

Happy Daylight Savings... :/ Eh, not really. I really like my sleep. 

This week filled with all new adventures.

Wednesday, we went to Rite Aid to get some scissors and tape to help "heart attack" some members. As we were in line, a short man in his thirties looks at us and walks towards us.
"Do you remember me?" he asked while shaking my companion's hand. 
"Umm...no, sorry. You probably have us confused with someone else. But it's nice to meet you!"
"You're beautiful. Both of you are beautiful."
He takes his hand back, then goes to shake mine. He lets my hand go and goes to grab my companion's again. Only this time, he starts playing thumb-war with her. Umm...ok? After he lets her win, he grabs my hand and starts playing it with me too. So clearly, he's a little NOT quite there. And you could probably imagine what I was thinking when he slowly reached for my companion's face! Trying not to be rude and trying to be cautious at the same time, Sister R--- slowly moved back. All I could think was, protect your companion. Then his hand got closer. PROTECT YOUR COMPANION! He gently touched her face for a second then dropped his hand. HOLY HECK, I thought he was gonna PLANT one on her! Then he went for MY face! I held my breath as his hand got closer. But then halfway, he stopped for a couple seconds and took his hand back. Phew, what a relief! No I was NOT insulted he didn't want to touch my face. Afterwards, he took the back of our hands, gave each one a kiss, then walked away. My companion and I just stood there blinking in silence, not even looking at each other, and contemplating what had just happened. Good thing I have Purell in my purse.

Friday, we had a terrible windstorm. It blew at least five power lines down. It was crazy to look out at the city lights; it looked like about half the city was out of power. Unfortunately, an older man who lives in one of the trailer parks we regularly work in was killed in the storm.

Sister V---, a member from our Ward, invited us over for lunch and told us her deceased husband, Bob V---'s, conversion story. It is SO GOOD! He's told his story all over California and Utah. Sister V--- gave us a recording of it and told us we could make copies for ourselves, if we wanted. It's about how he grew up in an orphanage with Charles Manson and how they had similar stories as kids, but the choices they made created two very different individuals.

Saturday, we spent a half-hour chasing a dog that kept running into this busy street. He had a collar, so we were planning to take him to his owner, and then teach and baptize the owner and his family. Genius idea, right? Several cars honked at it, several opened their doors for it, and one car even went over the top of him, without even hitting him. Man, that'll get your heart racing. There was one point when Sister R--- and I were right in the middle of the road, probably looking like a couple maniacs. But hey, at least people are seeing us. We never ended up catching the little rascal, but it made for a great workout. We had even planned to walk the road that day. I guess Heavenly Father was going to make sure we were going to follow through with our plans. 


Speaking of videos, the new Easter initiative came out yesterday! IT IS SO GOOD!!! But because we're missionaries, we got to see it a week before everyone else. The hardest part was watching it and not being able to show anyone. But here it is! Check it out!


A couple big things that have touched me this week are the atonement is so real and forgiveness is key. And that equals love.

Have a great week!

Sister Sommers

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