Friday, April 3, 2015

Never a Dull Moment

Well hello there!

This week was very eventful. Let's start with Monday evening, when I was throwing up all night...yeah, that happened. YUCK! Sister W--- and I just stayed in all day on Tuesday. I was exhausted, still nauseous, and I pulled a muscle in my neck that night, trying to get comfortable while I was trying to fall asleep. I literally woke up every half-hour. No bueno.

Sister W, Sister Sommers, Hermana Y, Hermana M
On Friday, we introduced the hermanas to the G--- Family, the cute family that lives in our apartment complex. The mom, D--- gave us money so we could pick up some burgers from The Habit, and bring them over so we could have lunch with her. She is a hoot! We all just love her to death! She is always giving, and always trying to be Christlike. She's seriously a better missionary than all of us combined! We're trying to teach her, but it's hard because she LOVES to talk! One day, we'll get a lesson in. D--- is blind and teaches a bible study at a blind school. One day, one of her students asked her how they were supposed to listen to the Bible.
"Oh, that's easy! Just go to!"
Sister P--- and I told her about it a couple weeks ago. :) What a great missionary!

While we were having lunch, I asked D--- if she could sing Amazing Grace for us because she loves to sing. She was outstanding! Just the right amount of spirit and soul! It just made me cry!

Saturday, we had Mission Conference! Elder Nielson, a Quorum of the 70, came to speak to us. He talked about the atonement, and how the atonement isn't just for the sinners, it's for the righteous too. The atonement is for the bad to be good, and for the good to be better. It reminded me of the poem my English teacher, Mrs. Wooley always used to say to us:

Good, better best,
Never be at rest,
Until your good is better,
And your better is the best.

I am so grateful for the atonement. I'm grateful that I can use it everyday to help me repent of my mistakes, and help me become a better person each and every day. It's the only way we can become more like our Savior, and the only way we can return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father again.

General Conference is next week!!! WOOHOO!!! :) I can't wait! GO WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE!! It will change your life. It's a time when you get to hear words that come straight from our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. Also, watch out for Elder Nielson because he's giving a talk and I got to shake his hand! This link will take you to General Conference.

In Mission Conference, President Van Cott showed us the new video the church made for Easter, called Because He Lives. We're going to use that to help us find more people to teach. The church did such a fantastic job! I got chills! I invite all of you to watch it. It's a short but powerful message about how the Savior still lives. I know that He lives! 

Women's Conference was also great! Of course it had to be all about families. It made me miss my family a ton, but it also made me grateful that I have such awesome and loving parents and siblings. I know that families can be together forever! It doesn't have to be until death do you part. I love you mom, dad, Sarah, and Daniel!!! I think of and pray for you everyday! Oh yeah, and Kaya! Love and miss you too, Kaya!

This morning, our neighbor M--- came over to warn us about someone who broke into her apartment and stole her computer. This is the second time it's happened to her. So, we're always careful about locking our doors. But seriously, if someone ever came into the apartment, they would probably say, "Look at all of these copies of the Book of Mormon I could steal and hand out to everyone!" And then they would all want to be baptized. 

So, the moral of the story is: Don't get sick, serve someone, use the atonement, watch General Conference, watch Because He Lives, tell your family you love them, and lock your doors!

Sister Sommers

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