Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Out in the desert they wandered, hungry, and helpless, and SUPER HOT!

Just kidding...but really, it's super hot!

Hey there, everyone!

I survived my first week in the summer So Cal desert. It's super dry, but it's still hotter than the east side. The sad part is everyone says it's not even hot yet. Yes, mom, I'm drinking lots of water. It's also SUPER WINDY, holy cannoli!!! I feel like I'm gonna fly away half the time. You wanna wear something light because it's so hot, but because it's so windy, your skirt wants to dance around more than you would like it to. #socalsistaprobs #arehashtagsevenstillathing

We live in a home share with this cute couple, the S---'s. I didn't think I would like it at first, but it's actually pretty nice. They have two trailers on their property, so they live in one, and we stay in the other. It's the cutest trailer, with the biggest front porch. It was nice to come home and talk to the S---'s about our day, and say goodnight, but they abandoned us a few days ago to Utah. :( This is their first year trying to be snowbirds, and we might not see them again until next transfer.

This morning, we were taking the trash out, when we noticed the S---'s whole back porch, and some of their basement was covered in water. A water pipe totally busted, and was spraying water everywhere! Of course it had to be the first week they left. No agua for us this morning. Thankfully, their son knows a thing or two about pipes, so he's working on it now.

We have a couple of fun investigators! We're teaching this lady who used to be a JC Penny's model, and knows all sorts of people like Jay Lenno, John Travolta, Betty White, John Wayne, and ton of others. She proudly showed and gave us pictures and autographs. I guess she was also a bodyguard for John Wayne while he was "shooting" one of his movies. Haha, get it? :) There's another lady that we might teach, J--- T---. She's a professional singer, and was married to Ike Turner, Tina Turner's ex-husband. Crazy!

So, that was my exciting week! Hope you all have a magical week!

Sister Sommers
This flower only blooms once a year and lasts only a minute.

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  1. Glad to see that you are not hungry or helpless. Looks like you've learned a thing or three about handling triceratops in your new area. That might come in handy when teaching anyone remotely connected to Ike Turner. :) Keep up the great work!


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