Monday, September 28, 2015

It's Time to Celebrate!

Because Dad has always wanted to use my hair as a paintbrush.
Hello, earthlings!

It has been quite the week of celebrations!

Fall has finally arrived. But not really because DHS doesn't know what that looks or feels like yet. It's been pretty hot out all week. I think I'm especially going to miss Ohio this time around. My favorite part was seeing all the leaves turn into their bright, vibrant colors, then crunching the brown ones on the ground.

Because it's GETTING cooler, the S---'s came back home! Yay! Now we get to bug them by sharing stories about our day.

As many of you may already know, our beloved apostle, Elder Richard G. Scott passed away Tuesday morning. Thank you for the many years that you dedicated your life to serve the Lord.

That is so crazy. Three apostles have passed on within four months! It will be weird not seeing them this weekend in General Conference. But I'm also very excited to be getting three new apostles! So all of you need to watch General Conference this weekend! It's so awesome when we get to hear the counsel that our apostles and prophet have prepared for us. Questions are answered and miracles happen. General Conference isn't just for the members, it's for the whole world to see, so I invite all of you to watch it. Everyone, invite your friends!
General Conference

The Women's Conference was also super good! I think that's been my favorite one, so far. So if you haven't seen it yet, you can look it up online. I think it should be up by the end of this week.
Women's Conference

Wednesday was the 20th anniversary for The Family: A Proclamation to the World. I know that our last prophet, President Gordon B. Hinkley, was very inspired by our Heavenly Father to write it. I feel it may be a little scary to raise a family in this day and age, but this proclamation gives me a lot of hope. It tells me what I need to do to
raise a happy and successful family.
The Family: A Proclamation to the World

We experienced an awesome miracle this week. A couple weeks ago, Sister W--- remembered she still needed to pay her fast offering, so she did just that. The next day, we did our grocery shopping, and it didn't even hit Sister W--- until we got home that she was double-charged for everything! It was too late, the receipt had
already been lost. Last Monday, she only had enough money to buy a couple of things. I insisted she get more things she needed, and I could just pay for the rest, but she resisted to let me buy anything for her. She hoped and prayed she would be able to just get through the week. Thursday evening, we got a text from a sister saying she had a couple of loaves of bread for us. That was so sweet of her, but Sister W--- can't have gluten because she has celiac disease, but I can, so we just went over anyways. When we got there, she had the bread all prepared for us....along with two big bags of groceries! Our eyes widened, our jaws dropped, and my sweet companion sobbed. The blessings of fast offerings are real.

And now, a couple of songs for Desert Hot Springs:
Happy Birthday, DHS!

You've had a birthday, shout hooray,
We want to sing to you today!
One year older and wiser too,
Happy birthday to you!

Happy, happy birthday,
From all of us to you!
We wish it was our birthday,
So we can party too!

That's, right! It was DHS's birthday Saturday. Everyone celebrated with a parade of booths, including the elders and us. Well, we didn't exactly have a booth, we just made a bunch of sweet-looking signs and drew out the Plan of Salvation. We almost got kicked out because I guess we were supposed to get permission first....whoops. But we were all set up, so they just let us stay anyway. It was great advertising, and a great way to get hit on by super old, ancient men...gross. :/ Good thing the elders were there to distract 'em.

That's it! Have a fun week, everybody!

Sista Emi-Kae-Som

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