Sunday, October 11, 2015

Three New Apostles!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, hello!

This has definitely been one of the more interesting weeks that I've had.

First of all, congratulations to my aunt Courtney and her man, Alex!
So happy for you two! Wish I could have been there at the wedding. :(

Tuesday, I went to Palm Springs with (a different) Sister P--- for exchanges. She's only been out for a month, but she's an amazing missionary. I just love her! She was a little nervous and stressed since this was her first time being in charge of the area, and it didn't help much that the car died in front of a sketchy apartment that night...haha, but thank goodness they had some awesome members to come and rescue us! That was a huge blessing.

Coming back from exchanges on Wednesday, we went to go see this deathly ill woman and her 98-year-old mother. While we were there, we met her mother's caretaker, L---, who is Muslim.
"Are you girls missionaries from her church?"
"Yes we are!"
"I knew you were. Not because of your name tags, but I could feel you were."

It's so cool that even others who practice different religions can sense the Spirit of an LDS missionary.

Also, on Wednesday, I thought I saw my life flash before my eyes. We were slowing down so we could turn left onto a road, and as we were turning left, a truck behind us sped up and passed us on our LEFT SIDE and just kept going. Like, what the heck! Ugh to California drivers. We were lucky that the damage was only a tiny scratch at the front of our car. SO grateful that we were safe.

General Conference was totally amazing! If you missed it, you missed out. But it's ok, you can still find it on Dude! THREE NEW APOSTLES!!! That's insane! Welcome to the Quorum of the Twelve, Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Elder Gary E. Stevenson, and Elder Dale G. Renlund! Thank you for your love and many years of service, Elder L. Tom Perry, Elder Boyd K. Packer, and Elder Richard G. Scott. We love you, and we miss you so much. 

Fun Fact: It’s been over a century since the Quorum of the Twelve had three vacancies. Additionally, with the call of Elder Renlund, 100 apostles have now served since the Church was organized in 1830.

I am so grateful for our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who not only leads and guides the church but the whole world, today. I know that he and the twelve apostles have been called of God. If you want to know with the same surety, watch General Conference. If you want to know the church is true, watch General Conference...and read the Book of Mormon...and pray about it! If you just overall want to know what's good for you, watch General Conference. I promise that it will answer any questions that may be lingering in your mind, and will give you a sense of peace and direction in your life.

Peace out, Girl and Boy Scouts! 

Sister Sommers


  1. Watched that General Conference thingy. Loved it!!!
    Glad that you are safe after your crazy escapades. :)


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