Monday, April 25, 2016

Enduring to the End

Dearest Friends and Family,

First off, I just want to congratulate my mission trainer, K--- P---, and C--- B--- (another missionary I served with) on their engagement!!! :) Our little RM's are growing up! *Sniff, sniff

Wow, this week has been a LOT better than last week. Thank you for your prayers!

One of the married couples I'm the Ward is getting sealed for all time and eternity.  Another SUPER cool thing is...WE GET TO GO!!! :) Since I taught their lessons, President said I could go to their sealing! We weren't sure if Sister R--- would be able to go because there always needs to be a missionary in the area, but President gave her permission to go too! That NEVER happens. This will be my first sealing ever! I AM SO STOKED!!!

I was reading an article one morning about this young, single, LDS mom who wished she could have a priesthood holder in her home. One day, she was reading and receiving council by a general authority, Elder Christianson, on how to have more love in the home. At that moment, she realized she DID have the priesthood in her home, it was Elder Christianson. To all of the women who think they don't have the priesthood in their home, think again. Even though women don't hold the priesthood, if we listen and heed the council of the leaders of the church, we can very much receive those same priesthood blessings.

Usually, I will go the whole month of May without sugar and sweets, but I know I'm gonna want some desserts when I get home, so I just decided to do it April 15 - May 15. It's gonna be a long month. Good. I don't want this month to speed up...even though I know some people want it to be over as fast as it possibly can (cough, cough), Mom. ;)

So, I received a picture of my family, yesterday...WITH THE RAIL'S!!! AHHHHHH! The Rail's are the senior couple who I served with in the YSA Ward! They went to my home ward without even realizing it was my Ward! WHAT? Coincidence? I think NOT! I also found out that my sister was traveling through San Bernardino! What is this?! It was ME that was supposed to give them a mission tour. And here they go off and start without me. Sheesh! The nerve.

Keep on keepin' on!

Sister Emily KaeLynn Sommers

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